What is the Visions iSaveAround Program?

The Visions ISaveAround Program is a loyalty program designed especially for local merchants that rewards customers when they shop local using their credit or debit (need to select signature at point of purchase) cards from Visions Federal Credit Union (VFCU). Customers of VFCU with debit (signature only) and credit cards simply need to shop at participating locations to earn cashback or points. For more information select www.visions.savearound.com.

As a Cardholder of VFCU, Do I Need to Register?

This is a VFCU benefit to all of its cardholders and there is NO NEED TO REGISTER. As part of the Program, customers who carry a VFCU payment card are eligible to earn additional rewards in points or cashback. They must shop with a credit or debit card tied to the credit union’s Program to earn the value.

Are There Other Benefits that I Can Take Advantage of in this Program?

Yes. Look out for additional savings opportunities coming in the future.

Where do Cardholders go for help?

As a cardholder, you can speak to your local credit union to discuss any issues with the Program.

How do cardholders learn about this Program?

All participating credit unions also take part in marketing and promoting the program to its loyalty program members through a combination of in-branch, print, and email marketing. Cardholders can visit their Program’s website to find out about all the details such as find participating merchants and to see offers available to them.

When can I expect to receive a credit after my purchases?

Generally, you should receive your credit within 7-10 days after purchase.